Thursday, 12 January 2012

Main Task: Talking Titles further Research

Through my research of titles for pyschological thrillers I came across a website with a powerpoint explain the main objects for a pyschological thriller:Locations, Mise-en-scene of costume and props/colours, sound and titles.What I found out from the power point is that titles can be placed into two sections: Over Image and Over Colour.

Research on Over Image for Titles:

Some pyschological thrillers such as Misery and Cape Fear has the title and credits appear on the image. Examples below;

As you can see from these print screens, the titles of the production team and the title Cape Fear itself are over the image on the screen.

Research on Over Colour for Titles:

In some pyschological thrillers films such as American Pycho and Memento, the title and the credits appear either on a black or white background. Examples below;

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