Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Main Task: Production Company Change

From our recent at the beginning of the project for our Main Task, we decided to use Hammer Film Productions as our Production Company. We had to contact Hammer Film Production but unfortunately have not heard back from them. As we know time is limited we decided to make our own Production Company called: 

London Film Productions

Main Task: Changed, 28th March

Watching back over our Opening 2 Minutes we have decided that we may not be using our chosen music of Jonnas Brohmanes, Lullaby. We didn't want to use the music for the sake of putting more things into our Opening 2 Minutes. Therefore, we have decided against using the audio clip. 

Main Task: Video showing how we Imported Sound onto Final Cut Pro for our Opening 2 Minutes

Main Task: Photo's of the Editing Process So Far

Main Task - Editing Process So Far

The Editing Process has gone great with only a couple of shots that needed re-shooting. Our Opening 2 Minutes needs to be completed by this Friday, 30th March. We are certain that everything will go smoothly, with some minor improvements. These improvements would be:

  • Add titles for the production company.
  • Sort out the transitions between some shots.
  • Make sure the entire Opening 2 Minutes is around the 2 minute mark. 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Main Task: 9th March Filming Scheldue

Tomorrow we will be filming some shots that need improvements on.Me and Jessi decided to create a filming scheldue so we know what to film at what time.

Filming Scheldue:

4pm-5pm: Filming all outside shots that we need.

5pm-6pm: All inside shots are filmed.

Main Task: More Filming Needed - 8th March

Tomorrow (9th March)we are going to film:
- The beginning shots of the alleyway.

- The last shot where we see the Mother's face in shock, as there is a knock at the door.

- The shots of the fence, looking through with heavy breathing.

- And some shots of the childs room.