Thursday, 24 November 2011

Second Decontruction - 'Memento'

'Memento' - Opening Scene

Duration: opening 2 minutes

'Memento' opening scene opens with an establising shot, with a still close up of an unknown persons hand holding a photograph of a women. The use of non-digetic sounds of classical music tensions the atomsphere within the audience, making them feel that a loved one has passed away. The use of titles is simple but effective. The white text appearing on the screen has uses of connoations such as; light, goodness, innocence and purity. The colour white could also be considered as the color of perfection; meaning that the women in the photograph was perfect to this unknown person.

The frame moves to the unknown person shaking the photograph in a vigorous manner before quickly snapping the photograph up to look at the women again, pausing yet again to stare at the photograph for some time. Due to the close up shot, it makes the audience feel as if they are the unknown person looking at the photograph, which makes the audience feel sympathetic towards he or she.

This whole opening scene is continuity, so therefore there are no edits made which could ruin the unhappy, tenison atomsphere. As the scene contiunes, the photograph of the women still gets vigorously shaken, however the pauses of staring at the photograph get shorter and shorter.

As the scene progresses through, the unknown person shakes the photograph, where it starts to fade. The person does this a second and a third time, until gradually the image in the photograph starts to disapper. The non-digetic sound of classical music becomes more dramatic and upsetting. By the image in the photograph slowly disappering, it makes the audience feel that the unknown person is trying to erase all memories of this women.

The scene ends with the image of the photograph gone and a still close up shot of the unknown persons hand holding the blank photograph.

'Memento' - Opening Scene Clip

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