Sunday, 25 September 2011

Preliminary Task - The Concept

My group which consists of Jessi, Abi and I, have been toying with the idea of doing an action/comedy based clip. We came up with several different ideas such as 
  • A CSI themed clip with comedic stunts.
  • 3 MI5 agents (2 of which are clumsy and hopeless) on a mission to find a missing agent.
  • Charlie's Angels with a definite comedy balance.
We finally decided on the second option, as we felt that option would let us think outside of the box, and give us experience on how to approach the main task. This idea entails 3 MI5 agents (Agents T, B and K) who are on a mission to find one of their team members; Agent P. The clip begins with Agent T appearing on film, doing an impresive somersault, following her, are two luckluster agents (B and K) who don't know their left from right. We incoprate many shots into the film;3 main shots we must have are the 180 degree angle,shot reverse shot and match on action. We include a shot of Agent T coming through the door, walking across the room, sitting down and articulating in a conversation with Agent B and K. We then find Agent P, and that is the end of the preliminary film task.

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  1. Hazel, it's good to see you beginning to use your blog, especially as a voice for your often controversial and always refreshing views!

    Remember you need to have your script for your preliminary task on there as well as the concept.

    Also, do go back and check your spelling and punctuation; it's very important to present a professional image.

    Good work - 2 house points